Wheel Deal

At Truxx Tyres, our brand promise ‘The Wheel Deal’ means delivering quality tyres that meet our high standards, regardless of the brand. We meticulously select truck tyres that excel in performance and reliability, resulting in an extensive range that includes both premium brands and high-quality alternatives.

A-brands & alternatives

Find premium brand tyres and high-quality alternatives, ensuring quality at various price tags.

Whether you need top-tier, renowned brands or dependable, budget-friendly alternatives, our selection ensures you get the best performance for your investment. We carefully curate our stock to provide tyres that meet stringent quality standards across all price ranges, giving you the flexibility to choose what suits your operational needs.

Report-verified quality

Rest assured with tyres whose performance is confirmed by independent reports, providing peace of mind.

At Truxx Tyres, we prioritize transparency and reliability. That’s why we offer tyres that have been thoroughly tested and certified by independent agencies, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence. Knowing that our products meet high industry standards, you can trust that our tyres will perform exceptionally under various conditions, contributing to the efficiency and safety of your customers’ fleet.

Cost-effective solutions

Discover A-brand alternative tyres at unbeatable prices, raising the bar for quality without raising the cost.

We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers. Our range of A-brand tyres and cost-effective alternatives offers the perfect balance of quality and affordability. This approach allows your customers to maintain high operational standards while keeping expenses under control, making smart financial decisions for their business.

Pan-European presence

Count on Truxx Tyres wherever you are, for reliable service and quality tyres across the continent.

Through our widespread presence, Truxx Tyres ensures timely deliveries no matter where your tyre center is located. Whether in a bustling city or remote countryside, we're committed to keeping your business and that of you customers running smoothly. Going the extra mile has never been more fitting.

Understanding that subtle differences between tyres can have a huge impact on the driving experience is key and the reason why i love this business.
It’s really in the details.

CEO Truxx